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Tiger Fighting on October 9th Premier League club Arsenal unexpectedly signed Atletico midfielder Thomas Partey at the deadline. This Ghanaian midfielder has always been Arsenal's midfield reinforcement The number one candidate. After completing the deal, Arsenal coach Arteta also accepted an interview on Arsenal's official website, in which he revealed his unique views on what qualities Thomas can bring to the team.


"We started following him (Thomas) a few months ago, and we have been following his development and progress. Obviously, the more you know about the team you are coaching, the more you know the team Where can I improve. We believe that Thomas has the qualities suitable for Arsenal, his character and personality, as well as his technical level and he can help the team in the right position."


"I think Thomas' existence can allow us to try more different formations, and he can play different roles in different formation systems. This is definitely a good thing for Arsenal, because at the moment (Arsenal) In the midfield, I think there is a shortage of personnel."


"I currently have some ideas in my mind that I want to train with the team and show them. (Thomas' arrival) gives the team more balance and flexibility during the offensive and defensive transition phase, and we are therefore also Need to do better offensively at some important moments of the game."


"Of course, I'm really very satisfied. We signed some players we need, and I think for us, all of us try to do our best in transferring in and out, although (Thomas' The transaction) dragged on to the last minute of the deadline, but we did it. This is a very challenging transfer window."


"Of course we are not the only club looking for players across Europe. The situation this year is not very optimistic, so it is difficult to send players away, and of course it is difficult to sign in. We have the same schedule and training plan every year (summer). , But they cut off the time of summer training for a month, and there are a lot of international match days, so we will have some injuries, and the fatigue of the players will be more serious. So we must believe in With such a huge lineup, everyone must be ready to play for Arsenal at any time."


"Obviously, there are some teams that have a high level of investment. They are as fierce as the Tigers in the transfer market, but in the end it depends on the overall strategic goals of these teams and where they are in the end. What kind of pressure is needed... I don’t know, I can talk about ourselves (Arsenal), why we want to do (these transfer moves), and what we can do. But in general, I am against Arsenal. Na’s actions this summer are very satisfied."